What To Look For From An Emissions Control Consultant

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Things To Look For From An Emissions Consultant

There are a lot of things that go into hiring a proper consultant, and it is particularly necessary to hire the right one when trying to be compliant for the set emission standards. To help in the hiring process, be sure to keep the following points in mind.

Definite Things That Should Be Offered

Determination Of Engine Specifications For Set Regulations
Depending on the engine your business uses determines exactly what needs to be done in order to meet the mandatory regulations for emissions. If a consultant attempts to give you advice on how to move forward without first understanding the exact engine you are using, proceed with caution. There is not a one size fits all solution for reducing emissions, and you should not be told there is.

A Design That Is Custom To Your Business
This follows the logic of the tip above. Again, there is no one size fits all solution, and as such, every solution should be custom and specific to individual clients. Do not trust a consultant who attempts to tell you the solution to your problem is the same as all the others, because in the end, it is not.

A Set Of Quality Standards That The Consulting Company Adheres To
Success is not always measured the same by different people, but you certainly want to know what your consultant considers a success or a job well done. This should be known to them at all times, and if asked, they should be able to provide you with their set of quality standards that they adhere to. Be sure to listen carefully to what they say, and if anything is confusing, be sure to ask for clarification. Again, they should easily be able to explain to you when they consider their mission to be accomplished.

Overall Customer Support
A proper consultants job is not done once the system has been installed and is functioning properly. They should be willing to provide long-term support, even extending to the overall life of the systems installed. This includes, but is not limited to, on-site and off-site operator training, repair maintenance if anything was ever to malfunction or break down, and the acquisition of new parts when needed. They are the experts, and even though you’ve purchased the system, you do not have the knowledge or experience that they possess. As such, they should be willing to help in any manner possible. The last thing you want is for a system to be installed, and that be the end of their participation. It only leaves for further headaches to be had down the road.
NOx Emissions Effect Our Planet

Services That Should Be Expected

Support For Installing Systems
It wouldn’t do much good to have someone help you acquire a certain system, and then leave it up to you to install and ensure it is working properly. A proper consultant should help not only with the acquisition, but the installation of it as well. This should help ease any tension of whether it has been installed correctly, and whether or not it is performing as it should. You would hate to think you’ve put this system in place, only to find out it does not help you meet emission standards.

Support For Creating A Custom System
Any consultant that tries to sell you a cookie cut system, where one size fits all, should be be fully ignored. Every business is different, and no two will be exactly the same. It is for that reason you should fully expect to have a custom job done when purchasing and installing your system. Any other option is nothing short of an old salesmen peddling snake oil.

Emission Monitoring Both Remotely And On-Site
Once your Emission system has been set up and put into place, you will need to continually monitor its progress as if at any time it begins to malfunction, you will no longer be following or meeting the requirements needed for emission standards. If this was to occur, hefty fines can be imposed on your business and rather than deal with a problem that has already occurred, it is much better to ensure they don’t ever begin. Or in the least, catch them once something breaks down so that they can be corrected and fixed.

Data Report Generation For Authorities
You will need to show proof that your business meets emission standards, and this requires generating emission reports for authorities. Collecting that data and putting the information into the proper format is paramount. A proper consultant will offer data report generation and help you in creating what is necessary.

System Inspections To Ensure It Is Properly Functioning
Again, the consultant is the expert, and after the acquisition, installation, and monitoring of your system, you will want them to also inspect them periodically to ensure everything is functioning as it should. Inevitably there will be wear and tear, and over time, certain parts will need to be replaced. It is far easier to do preventative maintenance than correcting a problem that has occurred. It will also save money in the instance a problem goes unchecked and you no longer follow emission standards. The fines that can be imposed for this are no laughing matter, and you would be smart to avoid them at all costs.

System Component Replacement When Needed
Beyond doing inspections, if a problem was found, you also want your consultant to help with the replacement process. It cannot be stressed enough that the consultant is the expert, and they should do their best to save money where they can all while ensuring everything works properly and all emission standards are met. Attempting to do these things yourself will most likely result in mistakes being made, which in the long run, will cost you a significant amount of money. So do yourself a favor, and be sure to hire a proper consultant from the start, and you will thank yourself later.

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