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The AeriNOx Difference: Field-Tested SCR Components:


SCR Reactor (with integrated oxicat as an option)

    1. SCR Catalyst Technology: An effective SCR system begins with the catalyst technology. Our SCR catalyst is a highly efficient ceramic material capable of a wide temperature range (to 500oC / 932oF), high NOx reduction (up to 98%), and long-term stability. The AeriNOx ceramic-based catalyst is extruded into a monolithic honeycomb design that also minimizes backpressure.
    2. SCR Catalyst Housing: SCR Catalyst Housing: The individual catalyst elements are enclosed in a heat-resistant stainless steel housing, and held in place with a unique locking mechanism to prevent movement during operation.
    3. SCR Reactor: The catalyst layers are housed in a robust reactor made from high-temperature steel plate engineered for long-term durability. The reactor has separate access panels for each catalyst layer, making installation straightforward and minimizing operational downtime. Our flexible design optimizes the number of catalyst layers for each application.

Static mixer with 2-phase injection nozzle

  • Static Mixer: A static mixer ahead of the injection nozzle optimizes the flow conditions to ensure uniform mixing of exhaust and reductant (urea or ammonia solution). This configuration minimizes the injection pipe length providing a more compact design.
  • Injection Lance: The AeriNOx injection lance incorporates a two-phase nozzle that, ensures a finely atomized spray pattern and uniform spray distribution. The nozzle is also self-cooled to prevent urea build-up.

Pump Station

Pump Station


  • Reductant Pumps: Our systems use pump designs that accurately control the reductant flow from the storage tank to the dosing control system. This eliminates the pulsation phenomenon, enabling very low flow rates necessary for low engine loads.


Dosing Unit

Dosing Unit Marine


  • Dosing Panel: The dosing panel consists of an all-stainless steel design, and comes complete with flowmeter, dosing valve, magnetic valves and shut-off valves mounted on a stainless steel panel.


Control Cabinet with optional NOx Analyzer


  • System Control Panel: Each AeriNOx SCR System is managed by a reliable programmable logic controller that has demonstrated decades of field service. The touch panel design allows easy menu-guided parameter inputs. It can also be accessed remotely to monitor operation, or integrated into the facility control system via an optional Profibus data bus communication connection.
  • NOx Analyzer: The System Control Panel can be equipped with an optional analysis system that measures NOx directly in the exhaust stream, allowing for highly precise and accurate metering of the reductant. This results in high NOx reduction (as much as 98%) and very little ammonia slip.