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Services: Your Comprehensive Project Partner

From the beginning of every project, we take complete responsibility to make sure you achieve your emission requirements.

Steps we take:

  • Compare your engine specifications to the regulations
  • Custom design an emission control system that meets the requirements
  • Ensure the manufacturing process conforms to our exacting quality standards
  • Commission the system with the AeriNOx Emissions Guarantee
  • Provide long-term support through extensive operator training, a well-stocked parts inventory, and on-site maintenance
Emission Control System

Our Services Portfolio:
  • Installation support
  • System commissioning
  • On-site instruction and training for owners and operators
  • On-line emissions monitoring for remote access
  • Data logging for reporting to the authorities
  • Catalyst inspection and analysis to estimate residual life
  • Catalyst replacement schedules for improved budget planning
Support after the sale… making sure everything functions as designed.
At AeriNOx, we understand that installing your emission control system is just the beginning of your project. We make sure your system operates as designed with a comprehensive and thorough commissioning process. All product sales include commissioning by experienced field engineers to ensure the system is fully functional.

You need to be compliant.  That’s why we guarantee emissions levels.
To give you piece of mind, we offer the AeriNOx Emissions Guarantee as part of our extended service agreement. You tell us the emissions requirements for compliance, and we guarantee the system will meet them. Not just a percent reduction like others in the industry – but the actual stack emission concentrations required by your permit. And not just on day one, but after thousands of hours of operation. We can do this because we are confident in our system, and because of our experience working with hundreds of our systems operating throughout the world in very aggressive environments.

On-site training… becoming comfortable with your system.
Emission control systems are major investments, and we want you to understand what you’re installing, how it works and what it takes to maintain it. We therefore provide on-site training to make sure everyone in your facility is comfortable with the system’s operation and maintenance requirements. This is accomplished with detailed and well-written technical manuals, as well as knowledgeable personnel that will step you through every aspect of your system and its performance.

Parts and service when you need them.
Things wear out, and while we design our emission control systems for long-life, sometimes you need a replacement part.

Compliance for the long term.
Emissions compliance is a legal requirement, not just at the start of your project, but well into its lifetime. Our experience is based on thousands of successful installations ensuring your emissions control system operates long after it has been installed.