Welcome to AeriNOx

AeriNOx – your trusted partner to reduce NOx and other pollutant emissions from large stationary diesel and natural gas engines. Our highly dependable and cost-competitive emission control products are based on our Selective Catalytic Reduction (NOx Reduction) System. To date we have commissioned over 800 SCR installations throughout the world in engines ranging from 500kW to 20MW.

Our custom-engineered emission control systems reduce NOx and other regulated pollutants as much as 98% from engines operating in demanding environments such as:

  • Distributed Power Generation
  • Cogeneration Plants (CHP)
  • Gas Compression & Transmission
  • Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Industrial & Chemical Industries
  • Marine & Ferry Power
  • Greenhouse Fertilization/CO2 Enrichment

Why AeriNOx? Why Now?

Increasingly Stringent Emission Regulations
Owners of diesel and natural gas engines are under constant pressure to reduce emissions. Whether driven by federal regulation or local permitting authorities, lower emissions are an important part of almost every stationary engine project.

Proven Technologies
We’re engineers, and we’ve been in this business for more than five decades. We know the technologies, and we know how they interact with each other to create a reliable and dependable emissions control system.

Emissions Compliance for the long term
Emissions compliance is a legal requirement, not just at your project’s startup, but well into its lifetime. Our experience is based on thousands of successful installations ensuring your emissions control system operates long after it has been commissioned.

We understand emissions control systems are major project expenses. Because we supply hundreds of units per year, we can take advantage of common designs and volume pricing, making the AeriNOx system one of the most cost-competitive in the market.

Ever decreasing emission limits…

Federal, State and Local air quality regulations continue to drive down emissions from diesel and natural gas engines. Emissions Control Regulation | NOx Reduction - AeriNOx

With the introduction of EPA Tier 4 standards, NOx emissions from diesel engines are reduced by as much as 93%, achievable only with SCR aftertreatment technology. Particulate levels must also decrease by 94%, attained only through the use of a highly efficient diesel particulate filter.

Natural gas engines, while much lower in particulate levels, face equally stringent limits on NOx emissions, particularly in highly populated regions where air quality is compromised. In several of these regions, local regulations are requiring NOx emissions to be less than 10ppm, achieved through the use of SCR. In fact, SCR is defined as the “Best Available Control Technology”, or “BACT”, and must be part of the compliance process.