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About AeriNOx

AeriNOx is an environmental engineering company supplying cost-competitive and reliable emissions control solutions to the North American stationary engine market.

Our focus is the reduction of NOx emissions from large stationary diesel and natural gas engines through a comprehensive systems approach based on Selective Catalytic Reduction technology, otherwise known as SCR. We then complement our SCR system with the addition of oxidation catalysts or particulate filter technologies to reduce other regulated pollutant emissions, such as carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), and particulate matter (PM).


From the beginning of every project, we work with you to make sure you meet your emission requirements, including:

  • Comparing your engine specifications to the regulations
  • Custom designing an emission control system that meets the requirements
  • Ensuring the manufacturing process conforms to our exacting quality standards
  • Commissioning the system with the AeriNOx Emissions Guarantee
  • Providing long-term support through extensive operator training, a well-stocked parts inventory, and on-site maintenance

AeriNOx is a Partnership Leveraging Decades of Experience

AeriNOx is a partnership between DCL International and H+H Umwelt & Industrietechnik. Combining the best of both international companies, AeriNOx leverages over five decades of expertise in the industry, with thousands of successful installations in a wide variety of markets.

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DCL is a leader in the design and manufacture of diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters for on and off-highway vehicles, stationary engines, and industrial processes. DCL supplies to world leading engine manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket retrofit market.

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H &H Engineering & Service GmbH provides custom-engineered SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) emission control systems for NOx reduction. It is one of the largest suppliers of SCR in the marine markets, and is known throughout the world for its reliable operation.